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Psilocybe cyanescens are popularly known as the wavy cap mushrooms. It is one of many species of mushrooms known as “magic mushrooms” due to their psychedelic effects.  Buy cap mushrooms  are noted for their high psilocybin content and potency Buy Wavy caps Online.
These mushrooms grow in moderate wet climates and are especially common in Northwestern Europe and the United Kingdom, and in the Pacific Northwest section of North America.
They mainly grow in places rich in ligneous material such as on mulchy areas, coniferous woods, leaf litter, or sawdust. Wavy cap mushrooms can also be found in mulched gardens and plant beds. Mostly, they fruit in lower temperatures, such as during fall. They can grow solitarily but have also been found in large clusters.



Because wavy caps are potent, you will need to take a lower dosage compared to less potent magic mushrooms, assuming you want to get the same intensity of effects.
For example, Erowid lists the following dosages for Psilocybe cubensis, a medium strength psilocybin mushroom:
Threshold: 0.25 g
Light: 0.25-1 g
Common: 1-2.5 g
Strong: 2.5-5 g
Heavy: 5+ g
Based on the average psilocybin and psilocin content of wavy caps, it is generally recommended to take two-thirds the normal dose of Psilocybe cubensis.
With this in mind, as well as Erowid’s dosage recommendations for Psilocybe cubensis, the following dosages for wavy cap mushrooms are a good rule of thumb:Threshold: 0.15 g
Light: 0.15-0.65 g
Common: 0.65-1.5 g
Strong: 1.5-3.3 g
Heavy: 3.3+ g


There are numerous ways to consume Wavy Caps mushrooms, each with its unique advantages and considerations. In this part, we’ll explore various methods of ingestion, from eating them raw to brewing them into tea, ensuring you find the perfect approach for your psychedelic adventure.

Eating Raw or Dried
One of the simplest methods of consuming Wavy Caps is by eating them raw or dried. Chew the mushrooms thoroughly to release the psychoactive compounds and aid digestion.

Brewing into Tea
Wavy Caps can also be brewed into tea by steeping the dried mushrooms in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, strain the liquid and enjoy the tea, which offers a more palatable option than eating them directly.

Grinding into a Powder
Grinding dried Wavy Caps into a fine powder allows for easier consumption and more accurate dosing. The powder can be added to smoothies and juices, or used to make foods like mushroom chocolates.

Wavy Caps powder can be encapsulated in gelatin or vegan capsules for those seeking a discreet and tasteless option. This method allows for precise dosing and convenient storage.



When consuming wavy cap mushrooms, you can experience a range of perceptual, emotional, physical, and mystical effects. They also vary depending on your set and setting, and the dosage you take.
Let’s look at the kind of experience you can expect from different dosages: Low Dose Wavy Caps Effects (0.15-0.65 g)
Perceptual effectsColors become slightly brighter
The edges of objects appear more distinct
Things look as if they’re in high definition
The features of objects moving slightly
Music and external sounds have a different quality to them
Emotional effects

Wavy Cap Mushroom Identification

Positive mood
Increased appreciation for music
Physical effectsA slight feeling of nausea
Dilated pupils
Increase heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature
A light body high
Medium Dose Wavy Caps Effects (0.65-1.5 g)
Perceptual effectsColors become noticeably enhanced and vivid
Objects move, morph, and “breathe”
You can see geometric patterns overlaid on objects and the environment, as well as behind closed eyelids
You can see tracers (trails left behind moving objects, similar to those seen in long exposure photography)
Synesthesia: When different sense perceptions become mixed, so you can see sounds and hear colors, for example
Sounds become noticeably distorted
Emotional effects

Buy Wavy caps Online

Euphoria (including when listening to music)
Anxiety, fear, dread, or panic
A feeling of contentment or peace of mind
Physical effectsNausea (this feeling of uneasiness in the stomach usually only lasts at the beginning of the trip)
Sometimes vomiting
More dilated pupils
A further increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature
A stronger body high
Muscle weakness
High Dose Wavy Caps Effects (1.5-3.3 g)
Perceptual effectsVisions of imagery, scenes, and entities (both with eyes opened or closed)
Seeing objects and people morph in intense and strange ways
Strong geometric and fractal hallucinations
Auditory hallucinations
Emotional effects

Boundless love
Intense feelings of gratitude
A strong feeling of euphoria and joy when listening to music
Intense states of dread or despair
A feeling of sacredness
Physical effects

Buy Wavy Caps Online

Strong nausea
A greater chance of vomiting
An intense body high
Loss of coordination (this is why it’s important to have a trip sitter when taking a high dose, as they can ensure that you don’t jeopardize your physical safety in any way)
A Strong Dose Of Wavy Caps Can Induce Mystical Effects
If you take a high dose of magic mushrooms, and potentially if you take a medium dose, you can experience mystical effects, which classically include:A feeling of unity (also known as oneness)
Noetic quality. The feeling of gaining insightful knowledge, experienced at an intuitive level. You may have the sense of encountering ultimate reality
A sense of sacredness or reverence
Positive mood. Feelings of peace, tranquility, ecstasy, awe, or joy
Transcendence of time and space. You may have the sense of being “outside time”, being in a realm with no spatial boundaries, or existing in a timeless state
Ineffability. The feeling that you cannot adequately describe the experience in words
Duration Of Wavy Caps Effects
A wavy cap mushroom trip will generally last between 4-6 hours. This duration is pretty consistent. In clinical trials involving psilocybin, most sessions will last up to six hours. After this time, the participants will no longer experience any psychedelic effects.

Wavy Cap Mushrooms Lookalikes

But the duration of a psilocybin experience for any individual depends on a few factors:
Dosage. Taking a low dose of magic mushrooms could result in a trip lasting only a few hours, whereas consuming a high dose could lead to a six-hour experience.
Method of Consumption. It takes around 30 minutes for shrooms to kick in. But you can quicken this process through lemon tekking — it is believed the citric acid in the lemon juice breaks down the mushroom material, saving your body some time it would otherwise spend breaking it down. The lemon tek method may result in a faster onset and a stronger and shorter journey than eating dried mushrooms as they are.
Eating psilocybin mushrooms on an empty stomach can lead to a faster onset than consuming them on a full stomach.
Cannabis may elongate a magic mushroom trip if you smoke it towards the end of the experience. This is because cannabis tends to potentiate the effects of psychedelics. However, not everyone may experience this effect.
Psilocybin mushrooms have neither long-lasting nor short-lasting effects. Here is the duration of other psychedelics, so you can get a better sense of this:
DMT: 5-30 minutes
5-MeO-DMT: 15-45 minutes
LSD: 8-14 hours
Mescaline: 8-16 hours
Ibogaine: 8-24 hours
The duration of a wavy cap mushroom trip is comparable to that of ayahuasca (also 4-6 hours).For many users, 4-6 hours of tripping is ideal; it means the experience is easier to fit into a day and less likely to interrupt sleep than, say, mescaline or LSD. But it is also not so quick and short-lived — as DMT and 5-MeO-DMT experiences are — that the journey feels like being blasted out of a canon while you struggle to absorb what’s happening.



The legality of psilocybe cyanescens varies greatly across the globe. For instance, in New Zealand, Ireland, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Japan, and Germany, psilocybe cyanescens and other magic mushrooms are banned.
Possession of psilocybin mushrooms is banned in most of the US as of this writing, except for Ann Arbor, Michigan and Denver, Colorado.  The California cities of Santa Cruz and Oakland have decriminalized magic mushrooms. In countries such as Samoa, Brazil, Nepal, and Jamaica, cultivation and psilocybe cyanescens mushrooms are allowed. In Spain, cultivation for personal use is allowed.
Furthermore, the UN Convention on Psychotropic substances bans the use, possession, and trafficking of Schedule 1 drugs under which psychedelics are regulated. However, it does not have a provision for naturally occurring psychedelics such as psilocybe cyanescens mushrooms.
Regulations are constantly being updated, so check your region’s laws before picking one of these mushrooms.

Wavy Cap Mushrooms – SUMMARY


Wavy cap mushrooms are a highly sought-after psychedelic mushroom that grows in the Eastern United States and Canada.  Like the Liberty cap mushroom, they are quite potent and can take you on a powerful trip.
To sum up, psilocybin is a substantial psychedelic substance with various benefits; each species has unique qualities. Experiences with magic mushrooms are life-altering and highly transformational events that cause significant changes in individual lives. If you are keen to experiment with psilocybin, familiarize yourself with the nature of the psychedelic experience and its essential notions, such as set and setting.

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