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Consumers of Blue Meanies often report vivid hallucinations, sensory enhancements, and a deep introspective journey into the depths of the mind. These mushrooms are revered for their ability to inspire creativity, spiritual insight, and personal growth.


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Panaeolus cyanescens come from the genus Panaeolus. Buy blue meanies online belonging to this widespread genus are generally small order blue meanies online, have black spores, and often grow on dung.  But, not all Panaeolus contain psilocybin—a fact we will come back to later in this article. The Panaeolus genus contains thirteen species that produce blue, for the color the flesh becomes upon bruising buy blue meanies online, order blue meanies, blue meanies for sale online, blue meanie magic mushrooms. psilocybin, including Panaeolus cyanescens and Panaeolus cinctulus. Panaeolus mushrooms are called “mottlegills” due to the irregular spots or patches of color on their gills.
But, there’s something else worth noting about this particular species: Panaeolus cyanescens is a mushroom with many names. So many, in fact, that knowing what to call this particular species can be confusing. To start with the basics, the name “Panaeolus” in Greek means “all variegated,” descriptive of the fungi’s spotted texture. The species name, cyanescens, is derived from “cyaneus,” meaning

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In popular culture, Panaeolus cyanescens are called “Blue Meanies.” Rumor has it that Panaeolus cyanescens were named after the Blue Meanies from The Beatles’ classic psychedelic film “Yellow Submarine.”  According to Gartz, this common name was coined in Australia. Apart from “Gold Tops,” “Blue Meanies” is one of the more commonly used descriptions of psilocybin-containing mushrooms—a strain of Psilocybe cubensis is also called “Blue Meanies.”
Yet, the naming confusion doesn’t stop there. Taxonomy enthusiasts may recognize this mushroom’s previous name—now a synonym—Copelandia cyanescens. And if things weren’t already convoluted enough, Panaeolus cyanescens is also often confused with another psychoactive mushroom, Psilocybe cyanescens. Both mushrooms are abbreviated the same way, as P. cyanenscens. Yet, these two species are very different mushrooms: The first is a dung lover, the other a wood lover. (Although each has comparable levels of psilocybin.) Finally, this mushroom is called “Pan cyan,” after its new Latin name.

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The taxonomic conundrums began early for Buy blue meanies online. It was first described in Sri Lanka as Agaricus cyanescens by Berkeley and Broome in 1871. A few years later, it was described by Bresadola from the Philippines, who named it Copelandia papilionacea; it was then named Copelandia cyanescens by Singer in 1951. The species was named Panaeolus cyanescens by Saccardo in 1887, which is now its official formal name. The genus Copelandia was deprecated, meaning that it’s no longer valid.
Panaeolus cyanescens is thought to have originated in Asia. This fungus belongs to the family Coprinaceae, the same family as the common mushroom Coprinus comatus, known as “Lawyers wig.” Yet, mushrooms in the Panaeolus genus have some unique characteristics: the gills of Panaeolus do not melt away (deliquesce) as do the members of the related genera Coprinellus and Coprinopsis, which are regarded as lookalikes.


Sellers sometimes suggest dose sizes (for example, one gram, in the case of Blue Meanie), but really it’s not that simple. Is the user a newbie who wants a very light, introductory dose? An old hand who wants to get as high as possible? A microdoser? And is the mushroom dry or fresh (fresh includes a lot of water-weight, so the dose will be bigger)? Is the user big or little? A rough estimate[iii] for P. cubensis dosage can be calculated, but since both user sensitivity and mushroom potency vary, the result is only approximate.
Everything else being equal, a Blue Meanie dose will be smaller than average, since it is known to be a very potent strain blue meanies for sale online.
With that being said, if you want to try and find a dose that works for you, check out our general magic mushroom dosage guide. You can also try out our magic mushroom dosage calculator where you can choose between six dosage levels, including microdose and heroic dose.
Popular methods of consumption for Blue Meanies include Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea.


People can either eat fresh mushrooms or dried mushrooms or even take this substance in a capsule form. While less common, some people may even choose to crush their mushrooms into a dried powder resembling brown rice flour, which can then be snorted or injected.

When ingesting mushrooms, some individuals may choose to eat them raw, steep them in teas, combine them with water or juices, or cook them into foods.

There may be some uncertainty regarding just how potent blue meanies are. Nonetheless, a good rule of thumb is that they are generally quite potent. This means you should take a lower dosage of them compared to less potent species of magic mushrooms (assuming you want a similar intensity of effects).
For example, Erowid lists the following dosages for Psilocybe cubensis, a medium strength psilocybin mushroom:Light: 0.25-1 g
Common: 1-2.5 g
Strong: 2.5-5 g
Heavy: 5+ g
The website Shroomery has its own Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator, which can tell you how many grams of a particular species of magic mushroom you should consume based on how intense you want the experience to be blue meanie shrooms.
With this in mind, as well as Erowid’s dosage recommendations for Psilocybe cubensis, the following dosages for blue meanie mushrooms are a good rule of thumb:

Light: 0.15-0.5 g
Common: 0.5-1.5 g
Strong: 1.5-2.5 g
Heavy: 2.5+ g


Blue Meanie Mushroom Effects At A Low Dose (0.15-0.5 g)
Perceptual EffectsColors become slightly brighter
The edges of objects appear more distinct
Things look as if they’re in high definition
The features of objects moving slightly
Music and external sounds have a different quality to them
Emotional Effects

Positive mood
Increased appreciation for music
Physical Effects

A slight feeling of nausea
Dilated pupils
Increase heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature
A light body high
Blue Meanie Mushroom Effects At A Medium Dose (0.5-1.5 g)
Perceptual Effects

Colors become noticeably enhanced and vivid
Objects move, morph, and “breathe”
You can see geometric patterns overlaid on objects and the environment order blue meanies online, as well as behind closed eyelids
You can see tracers (trails left behind moving objects, similar to those seen in long exposure photography)
Synesthesia: When different sense perceptions become mixed blue meanie shrooms, so you can see sounds and hear colors, for example
Sounds become noticeably distorted
Emotional Effects

Euphoria (including when listening to music)
Anxiety, fear, dread, or panic
A feeling of contentment or peace of mind
Physical Effects

Blue Meanies For Sale Online

Nausea (this feeling of uneasiness in the stomach usually only lasts at the beginning of the trip)
Sometimes vomiting
More dilated pupils
A further increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature
A stronger body high
Muscle weakness
Blue Meanie Mushroom Effects At A High Dose (1.5-2.5 g)
Perceptual EffectsVisions of imagery, scenes, and entities (both with eyes opened or closed)
Seeing objects and people morph in intense and strange ways
Strong geometric and fractal hallucinations
Auditory hallucinations
Emotional Effects

Boundless love
Intense feelings of gratitude
A strong feeling of euphoria and joy when listening to music
Intense states of dread or despair
A feeling of sacredness
Physical Effects

Strong nausea
A greater chance of vomiting
An intense body high
A Strong Dose Of Blue Meanies Can Induce Mystical Effects
If you take a high dose of magic mushrooms, and potentially if you take a medium dose, you can experience mystical effects, which classically include:
A feeling of unity (also known as oneness)
Noetic quality: The feeling of gaining insightful knowledge, experienced at an intuitive level. You may have the sense of encountering ultimate reality blue meanie shrooms
A sense of sacredness or reverence
Positive mood: Feelings of peace, tranquility, ecstasy, awe, or joy blue meanie shrooms
Transcendence of time and space: you may have the sense of being “outside time”, being in a realm with no spatial boundaries, or existing in a timeless state
Ineffability: You feel that you cannot adequately describe the experience in words


 In many countries around the world, blue meanie mushrooms are illegal. The possession of anything containing psilocybin is potentially risky and blue meanie mushrooms certainly contain the psychoactive chemical.


Blue meanie mushrooms will provide unique benefits to you compared to other magic mushrooms. It’s worth it to look into them if you want something differentfrom your shroom experience.

As with other magic mushrooms, be cautious and respectful – do your research and prepare accordingly.

As always, we recommend you start with a low dose and make sure you have a proper set and setting blue meanie shrooms.

It’s the result of hundreds of hours of labor, years of experience and the generosity of many many experts in the field. Continuously evolving and 100% free to use order blue meanies online.


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